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…Or in other words, a re-branding of Kelley Elizabeth Photography.

For the last several weeks I have been working on a new logo design and a bit of re-branding. Gotta up the ante.

And it’s been making me feel like a bit of a mad woman (pitching my ideas to family, unsolicited…sketching, re-sketching, group texts to bounce ideas off…more drawing, more pondering…maddening).

My inspiration for my new branding is coming simultaneously from my love of owls (ask my mom, she has stocked my living room full of owl-decor, in addition to my pictures hanging on my walls) and a little stained glass owl I got from my grandfather’s house after he passed away.

I enlisted (ok, forced ) my family to help. I’m sure they are relieved this process is over and the group text messages of my “what about this??” have ended.

I started sketching the stained glass owl shape. Then I had one of my sisters try to improve upon it and add a little more to it in Adobe Illustrator. Then I re-sketched based on her interpretation.

Then everyone boo’d and I scratched it.

Then I re-sketched a new design based off an owl on a WWII-era clock from West Germany that I also received from my grandparents’ estate. I kept re-working it and finessing the lines.


I eventually came to to this, and you know what, I’m runnin’ with it 🙂

So, welcome to the new me.

FINAL 2014 LogoJPG

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