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Syracuse Photographer

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He’s an early riser and wants to play first thing in the morning, annoying her while she likes to lazily sleep in. Her sheer athleticism is no match for him, but he tries to compete and keep up all the same.  His whole world falls apart when he can’t have his blanket. She knows Navy SEAL signals when there is salami involved, but pretends to be daft to basic obedience in the absence of treats. She steals his blanket and moves it to the other side of the room so that he gets up from the prime spot next to mommy, giving her the opportunity to sneak in and lay claim.

They yell at each other.

They annoy each other.

They compete with each other.

They play games with each other.

And they love  each other.

Syracuse PhotographerThey are the best of friends. I’ve had dogs ever since I was a little girl, but I have never known any to have the kind of bond these two do. It’s both inexplicable and endearing to me.

I hope it lasts forever.


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