Midwinter Yule

On this the shortest day of the year, I feel like I have the most to do and accomplish. This year has felt long and short all at the same time but all the same I am glad to have made it to the end. I have goals for the New Year, but it still feels like I have miles to go before I can reach that January tick over of the calendar.

All I can say is that I’m tired. I wish I could settle in for a long winter’s nap the same as the resident black bears behind my house, but I know that won’t be. Maybe I’m on the hinge of burnout- not artistically, because I have so many ideas and resolutions rattling around in my soul begging to get out. More that I am burnt out socially/outwardly, tapped out on energy probably being zapped from motherhood, or perhaps its the pressure of holiday stress. Either way, there’s apart of me longing for a hibernation of sorts, a quieting of the noise.

But like the bobcat, I will remain steadfast to the daily grind, covering the ground set out before me and making it to a new dawn.

On winter solstice eve, a bobcat lurks through the snow-covered forest behind my house.

On a personal level, I hope my children are not learning from me through my short patience, but rather the passion I have in motherhood and this life for creating and crafting. I hope the memories I am trying to help them to build last them lifetimes, ever fondly so.

Merry Christmas old friends, and an overabundance of yuletide cheer going into the New Year to you and yours.



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