Matthew & Jennifer | Lakeside Love

There was a heavy-set mist hanging over the already dampened earth that morning, untamed winds swirling and amplifying those scents that can only be ascribed to late autumn. It created the kind of haunting-romance atmosphere that besets the English Moors in Jane Eyre, entirely reserved by the greatest of novelists to author into existence.

By the time I pulled into Jennifer and Matthew’s driveway, the most intense golden light broke through the clouds and stayed with them through their nuptials.

Inadequately describable, you had to experience it.

Matthew and Jennifer chose to host their intimate wedding at Limni Mediterranean Kitchen because the view of Lake Carmel is significant to them as, where their first home is nestled, shares that same view. Even more special, in their bedroom where Jennifer dressed for her wedding, hangs a mural of the place in the Catskill mountains where Matthew proposed to her.

Jennifer was the total embodiment of old New York City glamour, from head to stiletto heel.

Matthew and Jennifer, I was so overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity your family extended to me, on a day I’m meant to be a fly on the wall, your family and friends made me feel like I was apart of it all and somehow a member of the family from the beginning. It’s clear you and yours love hard and laugh infectiously. Your solemn vows to forever hold each other with the utmost respect, culminating with the joy that radiated uncontrollably at the pronouncement of husband and wife, was essentially foreshadowed at the beginning of the day the way the moody romance of that heavy set sky turned to a blinding ray of sunlight. May it be that way for your marriage, as it was your wedding day, with a little bit of that old New York glamour mixed in.



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