Continuous Effort

Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential.”
― Winston S. Churchill

A couple days before Jacob was born, right in the final drudges of a long pregnancy, I was visited by an owl. I paced my deck looking for any kind of relief from the woes of being 39 weeks pregnant, when out of the thick forest flew a barred owl– almost directly at me until he landed on a very small nub of what remained from a branch on a sapling that I had trimmed off not too long ago.

He stared intently at me for several minutes. I felt like some kind of stealthy goddess for my ability to sneak back in the house and return with my camera without spooking the owl off. Only to discover it had nothing to do with my skill level and everything to do with his determination for a meal. He watched the forest floor with intensity, paying no mind to my clicking shutter. Then for the next 20min or so he repetitively bombed the same area of leaf clutter on the forest floor, flying back up to his perch with talons full of a mess of debris discarded by the woods.

His continuous effort paid off, for on the final bombing mission I could hear the squeak of the chipmunk up in the canopy where the owl perched, picking through his talon’s grab for the taste of victory.

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