A Dusting Off

It’s seems a bit cliche to point out my website has been revamped, and also maybe I would be remiss not to do so.

Three years, three months, thirteen days.

That is how long it has been since I first launched KelleyElizabethPhotography.com. Crazy.

Before that I shared my images on a little page hosted by smugmug. And before that I had a blog called BugsForThugs (ah the good ol’ days of being a overly-enthused entomologist).

Even though I had websites before, when I launched KEP, I remember feeling a little daunted with the idea that it meant I was really committing to my camera and community. And in a public way.

With all of the recent changes in my life (multiple moves, an adorable baby) it was time to re-evaluate my photography business as well.
My To Do list includes re-defining my market area and who my ideal clientele are, updating my contracts and informational PDFs for clients, and dusting off the website, among other things. I mean, as long as I am looking for a new home I might as well do some re-decorating on my internet space too.

So here we are, a fresh look to my website.

Every change I experience, every year that goes by, and even every photograph I make- I feel like I become more myself, closer to the definition of me.
This fresh look on my website is so me.

Thank you Keith (Buckle Up Studios) for helping to fine tune and spruce up my space on the web. Keith is a fantastic professional, quick to respond, thorough, and has been someone I consider to be my best ally in my business.

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