Would Every Snow

Would every snow and frigid temperature be so gloriously bathed in such a warmth of light I might actually abandon my love affair with spring and be a hopeless romantic for winter.

But alas, most of Old Man Winter is grey and dismal.

I do love though how kids can be fooled into thinking there is nothing but magic and bliss in these long, cold months. Edyn has an outdoor adventurist’s heart and spirit. She doesn’t give any mind to the single digit temperatures, the weather conditions, or even her little body struggling to come up with more energy reserves. Her mental game is strong. She acts as though her doom awaits her back inside the home.

Jacob couldn’t be convinced to sit up in their sleigh. All he wanted was to lay down and take it all in, watching the icicle encapsulated branches wiz by his eyes and the clouds pass overhead.

For now I bide my time and think of the hundreds of spring bulbs I have tucked in under the soil and blankets of snow. And I will wait. Because that is what you do for your true love and Spring will forever have her grip on my heart.

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