Winter On The Tug

Nature is not a place to visit. It is home.
― Gary Snyder

Syracuse Photographer

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Kelley Elizabeth Photography-DSC_7651

Two pictures, practically the same view. I was out tromping around on my property last week after one of our heavy snowfalls. The early morning sunlight illuminated the spaces between the dormant heartwoods. I may or may not have face planted after tripping on a hidden log.

Today is the opposite. Today is dark grey, taunting with delicate snow flakes, with a howling wind that kicks up every so often.

I tried to make raisin bread, and failed.

Other than the sheets of snow-formed-into-ice sliding down off the metal roof, it is quiet.

The dogs are irritated every time I get up to stock the wood stove, for some reason they feel the need to inspect my every movement.

Ah, winter.

How much longer now??


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