Winter Birds

It’s been two years since I have seen them. But Saturday they returned once again to my winter bird feeders.

The common redpoll. A pretty little arctic finch.

Kelley Elizabeth Photography-DSC_8212

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Kelley Elizabeth Photography-DSC_8180

Kelley Elizabeth Photography-DSC_8178

Kelley Elizabeth Photography-DSC_8116


I think its sufficient to say that they saw me too. Kelley Elizabeth Photography-DSC_8166


We’ve had another lake effect snow front move in this weekend, so it has been pretty dark and gloomy outside. Normally that’s not ideal for taking high shutter speed images, but the camera still did pretty descent and I actually like the moody look.

It seems like every year or so there is a shift in what my new favorite feeder visitor is. Lately, it has been the Red-Breasted Nuthatch. They are SUPER quick and highly active, in fact, I have been trying to get a picture for the last couple months and this is the first I’ve actually been able to grab. They remind me of feathered bandits. They are native to the northern coniferous woods and western mountain regions.
Kelley Elizabeth Photography-DSC_8174


What would the winter forest be without the staple chickadee?
Kelley Elizabeth Photography-DSC_8122

Kelley Elizabeth Photography-DSC_8188PS – it’s still snowing.



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