Wildlife Photography | The Pickerel Frog & Photographic Philosophies

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I almost stepped on this little friend while getting back into my truck. At first glance you might think it is a leopard frog…but the 2 rows of square-like blotches down the back (instead of circular) and yellow colors on the underside of the back legs differentiates it as the pickerel frog.

I admire the wildlife photographers who have the opportunity (and funds) to travel to exotic places and photograph lions, tigers and bears. Oh my. I envy those that get to track wolves, those lucky enough to interact with elephants, snap iconic pictures of giraffes amongst the giant golden sun dipping below the horizon.

But the least of these, the smallest of the animal kingdom, the ones beneath our feet in our own backyards are so often overlooked and not given the same kind of photographic accolades and awe. And you know what, each time I encounter my next photographic subject, I get so wrapped up in the excitement of the moment in finding the best connection, the best angles, the best camera settings and I seriously doubt those feelings would be any different from the frog I happened upon a mile from my home versus the brown bear I might get the opportunity to photograph in British Colombia.

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