Wildlife Photography | Stashin’ a Cache

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click image to enlarge for best viewing

I have spent the last 2 weeks working on a commissioned art proposal for a local hospital (put out some good vibes for me, friends) and on assignment (for myself, haha!) on a photo safari around CNY to stash a cache of imagery before the snow falls and I become limited in spots I can access.

My adventures in the last couple days have included an epic fail on an eagle shot (more on that later), sandhill cranes, tundra swans, teals, coots, shovelers, a loon, and even a glossy ibis all the way up here in CNY.

I am a little behind on processing wildlife and landscape images I have shot over the last month or so, but I figure it’s just a nice reserve of work to keep me occupied on the snowiest of days to come 🙂

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