Wildlife Photography | Migratory Birds at Montezuma Wildlife Refuge (Part 3)


American Coot | click images to enlarge for best viewing


Part 3: Crazy old coot.

Where does that phrase come from? Seriously, a quick google search and I still don’t know.

In Part 1 we discussed what dream lens I used on this adventure and Part 2 highlighted the ducks I came across. The final part of my Montezuma series is dedicated to the American Coot.

After spending two days watching coots go about their business, I don’t equate them to any loony, aged personas (seriously, crazy old coot??). They are, however, just about the noisiest group of bird I’ve ever come across, aside from a plexi-glass box full of parakeets at a pet store.

A Coot coming in for a landing

A Coot coming in for a landing

DSC_0144edit FB

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I don’t know if you noticed in the pictures, but the weather on the refuge on that day was nuts. The rain was whipped horizontally in the 50mph wind gusts. That made for maneuvering the beasty 500mm lens a real hoot.

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Would you believe that the American Coot is more closely related to a Sandhill Crane than a duck? Its true. Ducks have webbed feet, but the coot? The coot has long lobbed toes (see below).

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TGIF my friends. And happy weekending as final preparations are made and travel commences in light of Christmas approaching next week 🙂






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