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Great Blue Heron Rookeries

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In honor of tonight’s season 4 premier, I bring you my own version of Game Of Thrones.

Just as much drama, vying for territory and ruler-ship.

There may be some love stories in the Great Blue Heron rookery as well.

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Photographed at the Sterling Nature Center, except for the last image which was at Montezuma. According to a kind, older couple I met at the nature center…I missed the real action by just a couple of days. They said the real war was the day the herons moved back in and took claim to their real-estate, deciding who would get which nests. Crazy how much change can happen in a week. I was just there last Sat., all iced over and only full of squabbling Canada Geese. One week later, a completely different story to be told.

Soon enough now the nests will be full of hatching chicks and sibling rivalries.


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