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In Monday’s post I mentioned that while out for a hike at my usual spot, I decided to take an unusual route. Those who know me know that I am an intense creature of habit, so to do so was a bit uncharacteristic of me. But the little bit of anxiety I had about hiking through an unknown section was well worth it. The forest was silent. But I could hear the rush of a little hidden forest stream in the distance. As I got closer to it, I heard this weird papery, clicking noise. When I finally made it through the thick under story to the streams edge I learned what the strange noise was. Damselflies dancing in the trickled sunlight. Okay, maybe not dancing. Maybe more like aerial warfare as they fought for mating rights and territories. The noises I heard was the wings beating against each other as they got tangled up in their mini-warrior acrobatics. These damselflies are called ebony jewelwings and the females have a little white spot at the end of each of their wings.

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This stream was so magical looking with the way the light poured through the canopy…reminded me of that stream from the tv show Lost. The females lay their eggs on vegetation just under the water’s surface. Small amount of real estate there, if you ask me.

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Now I have the itch to hike more not-my-usual routes….but unfortunately the rain and thunderstorms this week have put a damper on that.

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