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Carpenter Bee Photo

Carpenter Bee | click to enlarge


Ah the carpenter bee, despised by many-the-homeowner. They are pretty territorial and like to chase anything that moves around their nests. This individual decided to take on the dogs, who were very much up to the challenge. Thanks to them for dismantling this one, I now had a new photography subject 🙂 Who needs a bug net when you have 2 overly ambitious dogs?

Carpenter bees chew perfectly circular holes into wood (trees, log homes, siding, etc), but they don’t eat the wood, just excavate it. They feed on nectar and pollen, but don’t give them too much credit for being pollinators because they have the notorious reputation as nectar robbers, committing floral larceny of sorts. They cut a slit at the base of the flower to steal nectar instead of following the rules of the rest of the pollinator community and passing by the anthers or stigma of the flower.

The rain has finally passed here, so I’m going to do my bit for the pollinators and do some gardening this morning 🙂


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