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Turkeys in upstate NY

Spring Turkeys | click to enlarge


Early spring is for the birds. Waterfowl move back through. Hawks come back up from South America and Mexico in droves at¬†predictable¬†spots, most taking advantage of thermals to save energy during migration (check out Derby Hill’s website for their spring hawk counts). Turkey’s start struttin’, gobbling at every little noise. And the little song birds return, bringing constant choruses back to the forests.


Canada Geese Flying in Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge NY

Canada Geese | click to enlarge

Green-winged teal in upstate NY

Green-Winged Teal | click to enlarge

Canada Geese taking flight in CNY

Canada Geese | click to enlarge

Red-tailed hawk scavenging a deer carcass

Red-tailed Hawk with a deer carcass | click to enlarge

red-winged blackbird in montezuma national park ny

Red-winged Blackbird | click to enlarge






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