He asked the biggest question of his life, she said yes, and now you’re planning the wedding.

I “planned” a wedding once, and I use that word loosely. If you are anything like me, you find wedding planning to be completely overwhelming and would much rather grab your pack and explore some barely maintained forest trail and get lost in the wonderment of some wild place.

I admit I did more of the latter when it came to my own wedding in 2007. I left most of the wedding plans up to my mom and sisters. I can’t plan your wedding for you, but what I can do is be the wedding photographer you never knew you needed.

I get you, you get me. I am your kind of people.

We are nature-thrivers. We have an affinity for all the different shades of green in the spring, the smell of the soaked earth after a mid-summer rain, and can stare endlessly up at the fall-colored canopies with the way the light dances upon the leaves like stained-glass windows. And don’t get us started on what a wood fire does to our soul.

We plan adventures, hikes, camping trips. Great escapes.

So make plans, friend. Make plans for that adventurous honeymoon you two will go on. Don’t worry about the wedding photography, I got your back.

There are a lot of talented photographers who do great work. But you need someone who you can connect with, who you can be yourself around, because that is what will make all the difference when there are a couple of cameras there documenting one of the most keystone moments in your life.


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