Wedding Photography | For You, I Give My Soul To Keep: Mirbeau Inn and Spa (Wedding Wednesdays)

That you are all that I need
For you, I give my soul to keep
You see me, love me
Just the way I am
For you I am a better man
I said you are the reason
For everything that I do
I’d be lost, so lost, without you

(James Morrison, Better Man)

Mirbeau Inn and Spa Wedding Photography

click image to enlarge for better viewing | Mirbeau Inn and Spa Wedding Photography


You can’t blame a girl for being so excited on her wedding day that she can’t help but try to sneak a peek of her groom, and that’s exactly what Emily did. This Wedding Wednesday image was taken at the picturesque Mirbeau Inn and Spa in Skaneateles, NY. It is one of my all time favorite wedding venues, I love the colors, the architecture, and gardens…there are infinite portrait backdrop possibilities, a photographer’s paradise.

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