Veteran’s Day

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I know I’ve shared this before, but I think of it every veteran’s day as I reflect on the service and sacrifice of my family, past and present, and friends near and far.

“In Belleau Wood, the fighting had been literally from tree to tree, from stonghold to stronghold, and it was a fight that must last for weeks before its accomplished victory.

Belleau Wood was a jungle and its very formations forming a machine gun nest almost impossible to reach by artillery of grenade fire …there was only one way to wipe out those nests- by the bayonet, and by this method they were wiped out bare-chested in that murderous fire they won.

In all the history of the Marine Corps there is no such battle as that of Belleau Wood.”

E. F Dunk, 11-11-19

My Great Great Grandfather’s journal reflections from WW1.

Much gratitude.


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