Now the wren has gone to roost and the sky is turnin’ gold
And like the sky my soul is also turnin’
Turnin’ from the past, at last and all I’ve left behind
― Ray Lamontagne


Josh did some recon for me this past week. He found me a low impact state park nearby that I’d be able to get out for some fresh air and camera time. We were probably only there for about a half hour in total, but it was a rejuvenating half hour and I needed it.

We’ve had some cold, rainy bouts but I think the weather is changing over for the better today and onward. I need to get my tomato seedlings outside, do some re-arranging inside our home as we start preparing the new nursery, and then peruse the local garden center for some lovely “friends” to add to a perennial bed we are developing.

Cheers to sunny skies.

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