Travel Photography | Yup, I did that…

Yup, I did all that this past week…

  • We shot Amanda and Nate’s wedding
  • Did over 30 hours of photo processing
  • Jetted off to South Beach, Miami with one of my sisters for a 2 day blitz!
  • Almost died from the spanking I got from the Florida sun (more on that later…)

The first couple days of the week would be a boring report for you guys since it was me staring at a computer screen editing and culling images. You know when you were a kid and you would get Nintendo Thumb  from playing the controller for too long? Its real, you don’t have to WebMD it, my sisters and I had many-a-hour on Mario Bros 🙂 Anyway, the adult version of Nintendo Thumb in the world of photography is the computer  Mouse Claw  your hand starts to take form to after several hours of editing. I was sporting a pretty good claw earlier this week. It was impressive.

Travel Photography South Beach Miami 1 Photo

A couple months ago one of my sisters asked me to go sit on a beach with her for a couple days in the spring. How do you say no to that?? We had grand visions of Jamaica and Puerto Rico, but then monetary reality set in and we settled on South Beach, Miami. Again, we dreamed big and scoped out Trump Tower on the ocean…but decided it would be too much work to rob a bank on our way to check in. We were ballin’ on a budget.

Day 1. I flew from Syracuse to Chicago O’hare. My sister flew from Boston to O’hare, and we met at gate K 18. Or something like that. I sat next to the nicest woman from central NY on my way there to Chicago. She told me about the surprise 80th birthday party she threw for her mother several years ago. Her mom had passed away 4 years ago, but she was still able to recount every detail of that party…where she bought the China for 150 people (her mom hated paper plates), what kind of cakes she made (there were 3 and they were put together to make “80”), how many ovens were used, what time guests arrived, how the kielbasas turned out (they are Polish, its a party-must) and her mother’s reaction. It must of been one helluva party. She was flying out to California to spend time with her sister too.

My mom wanted to go on the trip with my sister and I but couldn’t, so instead she cyber traveled with us. When I landed at O’hare I had an hour to kill before my sister joined me. I sat down in one of the little restaurants to eat a croissant for breakfast…and then my mom joined me. Via Face Time.  My mom asked me to show her around the little cafe. I definitely got a few chuckles from the other groggy-morning travelers who were witness to my video call 😉 One even took a cell phone picture of me. I am sure I (and my mom) are famous on Facebook or Twitter somewhere out there.

My sister joined me and together we flew from Chicago into Miami and hopped a shuttle over to Not-Trump Hotel. We chose The Clinton Hotel. I’m just going to put it out there right now, I’d avoid that hotel during your next visit to Miami beach. You’ll thank me later 😉

Hotel Clinton South Beach Miami

Travel Photography South Beach Miami Photo


The first night in we were wiped from the travel so we just relaxed and hung out in the hotel room. We had a pizza delivered for dinner (which the front desk clerk gave us a hard time about for not going out on the town) and I am here to tell ya there is a reason Florida is not known for their pizzas 😉 When in southern Florida, go for the Cuban cuisine, its delish.

South Beach is on a different time schedule than the rest of the world, which we soon discovered. Nothing opens until 11am…and then the fun apparently doesn’t end until 3am (though I’m the kind of girl who has a dependable 9pm bedtime, not even South Beach night life can get in the way of that). I may not be a night owl, but I am definitely a morning person. Unfortunately we had to wait for the rest of South Beach to wake up to get our fresh squeezed Florida orange juice for breakfast the next morning.

South Beach Florida Photography

Breakfast in Miami, FL

To be continued…

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