Travel Photography | The day I got in a fight with the sun (Miami, FL)

So, where did we leave off? Day 1 was the travel day getting into Miami. Day 2 (our first full day there)…that was the day I got in a fight with the sun. And lost.

Palm trees in South Beach Miami FL

Palm Trees in South Beach Miami FL

After breakfast we walked up and down the streets making mental notes of the little boutiques we wanted to come back to shop in later, we checked out the Art Deco district, and we avoided muscle mania (a large group of shirtless men doing pull ups and crunches in the park next to the beach). One thing I did notice down there is that in the morning you can’t look two feet around you and not see someone getting their fitness on. And for that reason alone, I can never live in Miami…cause this girl hates working out and I don’t need all those beautiful people making me feel guilty 😉

South Beach Miami Art Deco District

South Beach Miami, Art Deco District

South Beach Miami Shopping

South Beach Miami shopping


After getting a mental map locked in for where the stores were that we wanted to hit up later, my sister and I decided to hit the beach. When we arrived at about noon there was a lot of sand-real estate open for the taking. I think the rest of South Beach was still sleeping off the night clubs and what not.

“The Sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” (Jacques Cousteau)

South Beach Miami

South Beach Miami


South Beach Miami FL

South Beach Miami FL

Two hours later and the beach was now crazy-packed with people, the Miami-Dade Beach Patrol siren-ing up and down the coast in their 4 wheelers, jet skis, sail boats, speed boats…I’m sure a lurking shark or two. My anxiety kicked in and we decided to pack it up and hit up those stores we marked to do some shopping.

What I didn’t realize then though is that I fought the sun, and the sun won. A couple hours later I started feeling really faint and dizzy and next thing you know we were back in the hotel and I spent the rest of the evening hugging the toilet. My northern blood is apparently not used to that intense sun because 2 hours on the beach and I had sun poisoning. By the next morning the burn started to appear, both my sister and I were lit up like lobsters and moving about like Ozzy Osborne because of the burning sensation.

We spent the first couple hours of the morning trying to re-hydrate and apply aloe…and laughing at Jerry Springer episodes. Classy, I know.

I don’t think we will ever forget our first 24 hours in Miami.

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