Travel Northern California: Day 3 – Up The Valley & Into Eureka

I am following nature without being able to grasp her…” Claude Monet

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Dawn arrives and we hit the road. We traverse north through the central valley, with the Coastal Mountain Range to our left and the Sierra Nevadas to our right. Temperatures soared to 103 degrees. The grass was golden, the trees were low and the sun was high.

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Such an intense light, but as soon as we cut west over the mountains (like, several hours later) the temperatures immediately cooled as we were met with the breeze from the Pacific Ocean. Just like that, things were lush green again and trees rose high above the landscape. DSC_7024EDIT fb

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Once in Eureka, we joined Josh’s family and did some exploring with them. First up, we checked out a local community park with it’s own pocket of Redwoods.
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Redwood sorrel (Oxalis oregana). DSC_7103EDIT fb

Salmonberry (Rubus spectabilis) grow all along the northwest coast and were often eaten with salmon by indigenous people.DSC_7120EDIT fb

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It’s not every day you see someone taking their donkeys for a walk through the park. DSC_7159EDIT fb

I am back-logged and inundated with images and stories to tell, which is certainly not a bad thing 😉 So much more to share from California, spring/early summer on the Tug Hill, and recent sessions and weddings I have been lucky enough to photograph.

Stay tuned, friends.



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