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It was a late August day. I pulled into my driveway, parked the truck and walked past the stone wall to see those blue eyes astutely aware of my movement.

Garter Snake Photo [Kelley Elizabeth Photography]-DSC_0828

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The snake’s eyes turn blue during the skin shedding process. Are they blind, are they not blind?? I don’t know. There is mixed information out there on that point. But I do know that the snake was very much aware of where I was and tracked my movement just fine as I got up close and personal for this series of photos.
Garter Snake Photo [Kelley Elizabeth Photography]-DSC_0835

The blue eyes indicate that liquid is building up between the eye and the eye cap (part of the snake’s skin). In fact, the eye lid of the snake is actually made up of transparent scales. The fluid creates separation between the eye and skin to protect and facilitate shedding with ease around that sensitive part of the body.

Garter Snake Photo [Kelley Elizabeth Photography]-DSC_0867

The snake which cannot cast its skin has to die. As well the minds which are prevented from changing their opinions; they cease to be mind.” F. Nietzsche

Garter Snake Photo [Kelley Elizabeth Photography]-DSC_0852

Ecdysis, or the shedding of skin, is important because it is how the snake grows. Not being able to cast the shed skin properly constricts the healthy tissue and can result in death of the affected area or cause infections.

Garter Snake Photo [Kelley Elizabeth Photography]-DSC_0896-Edit


I approach this time of year in the same manner as the growing snake. Winter is a down time for me— not many weddings to photograph, an underwhelming desire to trek snow barren lands in pursuit of landscape and wildlife opportunities. So instead, it’s time to get my learn on. One of my biggest fears in life is becoming stagnant. To not continue to grow and push forward to me means death.

Time to cast off the old— learn new editing software, continue to study posing and lighting, and refine the basics.

Time to grow.

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