The Waved Sphinx (Ceratomia undulosa)



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Back in the spring I grabbed a few pictures of this moth hanging out in the dappled light. DSC_6069EDIT FB

The Waved Sphinx, Ceratomia undulosa. Whatta cool name.DSC_6105EDIT FB

Spring is long gone, summer a distant memory, fall practically over and winter making it’s way in. Time to review the folders upon folders of images from this year, archive, select the best to update portfolios with, and keep a few to share over the coming bleak, grey winter months.

Time to look forward to the holidays – the gift giving, the turkey dinners, the family time, and the traditions passed down from great grandmothers, to grand mothers, to my mother to my sisters and I.

Here’s to the count down to the end of the year!


ps. if you’re beginning your Christmas shopping and brainstorming ideas for gifts- consider wall art prints 🙂  



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