The Summer of Fail

This summer has felt like a big fail for me in terms of photography and with regards to wildlife and landscape photography specifically. There is so much photographic content around our home, right out my door and in the area of the state we live in. I can tell you a whole litany of excuses as to why I have failed to produce content and imagery. But when it comes down to it, I’ve just simply not been putting my time in the woods out my back door or in the wild places around where we live. Pregnancy and a 1 year old will do that to you, I suppose. But it is driving me crazy knowing there is so much around me I am not tapping in to. On the other hand, kind of refreshing to just be an observer and enjoying it, letting my mind wander, instead of trying to be technical and look at everything through a view finder with a goal or task in mind.

Yesterday morning, before the toddler was awake, before most of the house was even up, I had the screen door open and was eating some toast when I heard a peculiar noise. A loud scraping resonated through the woods. I thought “wow that is one loud squirrel” before I saw the bear come into view as she climbed higher and higher up the tree.

Of course I can’t sneak anything past Maya, both the bear and I were busted as soon as she saw me grab the camera.

The trail camera also got a video of her (viewable here: IMAG0012) slinking back into the woods where her two cubs awaited her.

Aside from botching photo-opportunities, I’ve also been failing in the gardening arena. It’s taken me some time to figure out what is going on but I’ve finally figured out why everything I plant seems to die or be stunted. The soil has never felt right under foot and for the longest time I thought it was due primarily to a booming carpenter ant population that I attributed to a graveyard of rotten tree stumps left behind by previous owners. Finally I know the primary culprit are voles, with ants and a high soil salinity thrown into the mix. That certainly changes the way you do things in the garden. Especially as there is no real way to limit a vole population when you live on the edge of the woods. Good times.

Summer is nearing its end, I’m anxious for fall and the arrival of our son, but still a little remiss on how much I seemed to have missed this summer.



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