The Mossy Dark

“Haven’t you ever thought of living unconsciously like bears, sniffling the earth, close to pears and the mossy dark, far from human voices and fire?”

Nâzim Hikmet

I have been diligently waiting for the spring bear to awake and come promenading through our little spit of land.

She finally did, and with what I presume to be three yearling cubs in tow. Admittedly though, I don’t know much about bears, maybe the mild winter had them up and putting on weight sooner than usual. But they looked big to me to be this year’s cub.

Like the bears, I live for the spring and that perfume of earth scent and mossy dark. I get lost in the world of spring awakening. All of the senses engaged once again. Sun, or even gentle spring rain, on the shoulders and fingers coated in dirt. Twitterpated once more.

With spring erupting so ardently around me, it’s easy to forget about the pandemic happening outside of my property boundaries. With any luck, and a lot of bleach, it will remain that way- outside of the boundaries of my home.

Until then, it’s back to tending the garden beds, taming my land, and watching for bears.



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