The Dark Wood

It’s not by accident that people talk of a state of confusion as not being able to see the wood for the trees, or of being out of the woods when some crisis is surmounted. It is a place of loss, confusion, terror and anger, a place where you can, like Dante, find yourself going down into Hell. But if it’s any comfort, the dark wood isn’t just that. It’s also a place of opportunity and adventure. It is the place in which fortunes can be reversed, hearts mended, hopes reborn.
― Amanda Craig


It has been an unbelievable January. Like none other before it. I am not complaining. Usually we are under several feet of snow, chiseling ice off our roof and hunkered in longing for the sight of something other than grey and white. Not this year. I find myself out wandering the woods on a regular basis, trying to get glimpses of the bobcat, surveying what an un-blanketed January forest looks like. And I love it.

I took this picture last week, it was such a surreal, cerulean blue sunrise over the canopy.

I hope February is just as good to me.


ps. The Bob hasn’t been back yet, much to my dismay.

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