The Best Time For Macro Photography

God I love my Tamron 180mm macro lens. I’ve had many lenses come and go since I first got serious about photography. My macro lens though, it has been my go-to, trusted steed for just about a decade now.

A decade, people.

hudson valley photographer

It’s a good lens. It’s the only one I have that isn’t Nikon, but it goes with me everywhere, always has, and has withstood the test of time, weather, and an incredible amount of wear and tear.

The best time of the year for macro photography, if you ask me, is spring.

Fresh buds, tiny delicate details of life unfolding into a season anew. Insects emerging from their winter’s keep. No better time for an eye on the small things as they usher in a full, lush and noisy summer.

Hudson valley photographer


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