Separated By A Sea of Soil

We are twin souls separated by a sea of soil.” Tyler Knott Gregson


Pictured is one of the hydrangeas in bloom right now in our garden. Our property was pretty much a blank canvas when we moved in last year, aside from noxious vines and weeds. We’ve been slowly imagining, creating and cultivating garden spaces. In one of the spaces we planted alternating rhododendrons and hydrangeas. ¬†They don’t look like much now because of how small and new they are in their life and habitat, but I’m excited to see where they will be at in 2-5 years.

It’s crazy to think about what happens in a span of 2-5 years. Five years ago I separated from my federal government career. In just a couple more months here, around the same time our son will be born, it will have been two years since we left Parish, NY. Two years since I pulled out of that driveway of our first home for the last time, with the Tug Hill in our rear view mirror and all the memories contained therein, with nothing but possibilities and change ahead of us.

I am looking forward to where the next 2-5 years will have my little growing family. And I feel a little guilty saying that I am looking forward to being past the phase of growing babies and into the phase of raising children. Maybe that’s just the heat and humidity talking though. Being in the third trimester was much easier in the winter than compared to going through it in the middle of summer.


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