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Usually Saturday mail around here consists of local flyers. That’s it. By far my least favorite mail-day (second to the mortgage and student loan bills’ arrival 😉 ).

Yesterday, to my surprise, was an envelope tucked in among the flyers. Contained inside was a Visa Gift Card and a little note that read:

“Personal Act of Kindness : If you really keep the Royal law found in Scripture, love your neighbor as your self, you are doing right. James 2.8”

The mailer envelope was actually fully opened when I received it, there was no other note inside giving authorship to who the sender was, but I don’t suspect there was to begin with. I don’t know for sure who sent it, but I do have a sneaking suspicion of who the generous hearts are.

To whom the gift came from:

I sincerely appreciate and am incredibly grateful for your gift. Truly

From the bottom of my heart, thank you

I’ve already used part of the gift money to pay it forward and keep that giving spirit alive for someone else in my life that I know deserves a little spontaneous, unexpected joy. I’d like to take it a step further and in the same giving heart, offer a free lifestyle photo shoot to someone.

If the Visa gift came from the family I think it did, I know that they would really love some family portraits, but because of the miles between us I can’t do that for them. Not right now anyway 🙁

That is my reason for wanting to offer a free shoot. Maybe you or someone you know would love some photos (maybe a Mother’s Day gift?). Send me a private message/email and I will choose someone to gift a session to.

The only thing I ask is that who ever is chosen keeps paying it forward with an act of random kindness.

Happy Easter, my friends.


PS. I can’t say thank you enough to the kind souls who sent the gift. Thank you.

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