Personal News

I’ve been holding out on some personal news, which hasn’t been too hard to do because I have been so grossly sick to think much about announcing it, but we are expecting a boy this September!

Much to my demise, I have not escaped hyperemesis gravidarum this time around either. It’s been awful and the days ticking by oh-so-slowly. But now that I am about half way through the pregnancy I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am on a high risk pregnancy care plan because of the complications I had in my pregnancy with Edyn. But the upside to that is I get the chance to see the baby more often and get specialized care.

All that’s to say, I have another quiet year this year in regards to wedding photography and business so that we can make sure our son enters the world in the most healthy, safest way possible.

Plus, more time for shopping for boy clothes and nursery items 🙂


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