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Photographers in Syracuse

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I’d say if there is one thing that is the bane of my existence every bug-season, it is wasps. They are probably the insect that annoys me the most because it’s like they know they got something on you (the ability to sting repeatedly) and don’t care if you are just minding your own business and don’t intend on getting in theirs.

Plus, they always find it more attractive to build their homes on mine, or right next to mine.

These two ladies are a prime example. I stepped out the front door and what caught my eye in the little immature white pine that sits right in front of my deck?? — These two thinking they are going to make even more stinging annoyances for me every time I step outside.

I am sure I did what any normal person would do and grabbed the Raid my camera.

I give them props for being so diligent to making such architecturally cool nurseries for their relatives, and all from chewing up pieces of wood and turning it into a pulp. If you enlarge the picture above, and you really should, you can see the individual eggs laid into each cell.

Syracuse Photographer

Unfortunately for them, I have a war to win this season so after the photo-op it was a battle against the Raid can for them.

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