Opossum Games

The heavy rains are melting the snow away as I type. Winter is my least favorite season. I think the benefits of a snow-laden country are few and far between. One benefit is I suppose it forces you to focus your energies inside. Or perhaps to slow your pace. It definitely makes spotting movement in the woods a lot easier. In fact, I had walked past the window the other day and noticed this little opossum waddling to and fro.

I know they have this reputation of being a vile, garbagecan dwelling creature of the night, maybe deservedly so. Maybe not.

I think they are the only marsupial in the U.S., that has to count for something in their favor. And really anything that is an opportunistic forager that adapts readily to changing environments should get mad props. Swamplands of the deep south, arboreal forests of the north, or a sprawling cityscape…the opossum can handle it. I think I read somewhere once that their babies can be the size of bees when born and then make their way into the pouch. Can you even imagine?? A bee size baby opossum has to be kind of cute in its own right.

This opossum though, I played a cat and mouse game with it for the better half of an hour trying to photograph it. Every time I would sneak outside, it would bust me and run as fast as it’s little feet could waddled across the snow into the den in the stone wall. Then I’d go back inside and it would cautiously reappear in the opening, and make it’s way back to whatever it was digging up in the snow to eat. I went to investigate what it was dining on and all I could see were acorn husks. Seems odd to me that the squirrels and chipmunks left any of those haphazardly around.

I was going to put my trail camera on the den so I could include some video but discovered that my trusty eyes in the woods decided to stop working. I swear trail cameras only ever last 2 years at a time. I went back and forth on trying to decide whether to replace it. Ultimately I did because I enjoy watching what happens out there when I can’t be physically there. Just got the new one in the woods this Sunday, curious to see how it does.

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