One Month


I cannot believe a month has flown by already. Flown, well, that’s one way to put it. It has been savage and insanity having two under two. Most days I don’t know which way is up. But that is largely due to the toddler and her very stubborn exonerance of her free will. Most of my day is spent volleying back and forth nonstop between Edyn and Jacob.

Jake is so low key. He barely cries, unless there is something he really needs and we’re not picking up on it. The biggest struggle, for lack of a better word, is that he loves to eat and is unrelenting in that department. It’s true what they say, that no two babies are the same. Edyn was very good with being on a nursing schedule, every two hours on the dot. Jacob does not drum by the same beat. It could be every 20 min, every 40 min, or to really make a mom paranoid — every 4 hours. He cluster feeds like crazy. Or maybe it’s called grazing? I don’t know. It doesn’t help that are nursing sessions are constantly interrupted by Edyn and her demands. And night time, oh the night is dark and full of terrors. He has bad reflux that especially hits hard at night, causing him to be so uncomfortable that he cannot settle and fall back asleep. That part is very draining. But his sweet disposition and calm soul is such reward for these tired eyes.

My most favorite and treasured time with him is this sweet spot in the day, between 7pm-9pm. Dinner is over, Edyn is tucked away in her bed for the night and I climb into my bed with Jake, listen to him coo and watch him stare at me with those beautiful, peaceful eyes. After nursing, he snuggles and falls asleep on my chest and all is right with the world again after surviving a day of chaos.

The last of the hot weather has finally lifted and fall has made its glorious entrance. It was seriously starting to make me crabby, that hot and humid weather seemed to be the last bit of reminders of being miserably pregnant and I am glad that last vestige of those memories are gone. Bring on the cool nights and mornings, bring on the stirring of dry leaves and a wind that carries with it a hint of a smell that triggers memories and nostalgia and all that good stuff. Life will only get busier as the next couple months usher in holidays, family visits, and more milestones for my little growing babies.


I call these three the chaos crew 😉

When Edyn was an infant I made a name sign with my prayer for her to hang above her crib. I made one for Jacob too. My prayer for him:

May you have the courage to follow your true North star and let it guide you through your life’s journeys. May your strength be equal to your humility and your toughness be outmatched only by your ability to love. May you find she who captivates your heart, love fiercely, and protect those who are your world.



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