Old School Kind of Love | Whitestown NY Engagement Photography

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I had an incredible opportunity this past weekend to hang out with Rebecca and Connor on their grandparents’ farm just outside Whitestown, NY and photograph their engagement session.

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Their farm has a pond, Christmas trees, hardwood forests carpeted with creeping myrtle, and top-of-the-world views. I could have spent all weekend up there.  Whitestown Engagment Session-KEP_1786-Edit

They told me before they started that they hardly have any photos of themselves together, which is just crazy because they are so natural and effortless in front of the camera. Whitestown Engagment Session-KEP_1812-Edit

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Rebecca and Connor have known each other a long time. Like, forever. They grew up as neighbors. They met in 1st grade, which Connor admits as the first time he had a crush on her. Rebecca said the first time they dated was in middle school, she laughed and said “you know, middle school dated.” A couple years later, in high school, they began dating for real and haven’t looked back since. It’s an old school kind of love.

In the picture below, the hill top on their property overlooks the town and you can see the middle school in the distance. Whitestown Engagment Session-KEP_1883

Whitestown Engagment Session-KEP_1901

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These two are just so natural together. Whitestown Engagment Session-KEP_1958-Edit

Whitestown Engagment Session-KEP_2024

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I got lost in him, and its the kind of lost thats exactly like being found.” Claire LaZebnik

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October is going to be full of beautiful weddings this year and this is one I am particularly looking forward to.

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