Nearly A Year Later

I think it was nearly a year ago this time that I saw my first wild bobcat, like ever, and in our woods. I had set a new goal to try and photograph and get them on trail cam ever since.

I had spent a lot of time in the woods this past fall on my mission. Nothing. I tried scent lures in the winter and did manage to get one on a trail camera video (seen here: IMAG0009). All winter long I tried different scent lures, different locations. That ended up being the only 1 of 2 videos I got. The other video is of the cat walking away from the tree. And no day time sightings with my camera.

Yesterday I was playing with Edyn in our family room, which has a nice view into the forest, and just briefly I caught the smooth shimmer of a brown coat weaving in between the understory brush. I grabbed my binoculars and tried to relocate the animal. The thought crossed my mind, bobby is back. I started to become a little discouraged thinking I missed an opportunity and wouldn’t know for sure what that was, but before the negative thoughts could even sink in I saw the bobcat leap up onto the stone wall and sit in a little patch of sun light for a couple minutes, undoubtedly surveying the forest floor for it’s foe. I didn’t even bother trying to ready my camera, too far out of range reach for my 20 year old lens. Instead, I just marveled at how lucky I am to have such a plethora of wildlife in my own neck of the woods to observe and watch. I might be limited in what I can do and where I can go at the moment because of babies and toddlers, but at least the things that I am interested in oblige and come to me.

I figured that would be the last I would see of a bobcat again for a while.

But then this morning my restlessness and un-comfortability (as I cross into the 9 month of pregnancy) caused me to stir and look out the window at just the right moment as a/the bobcat walked the edge of the forest along our front property. And I managed to grab a couple photos before it disappeared.

If I could have it my way I would have been in full camo in the woods and the cat would have been in the woods, not on my lawn. And as long as I am dreaming, my camera gear would be all the latest and greatest and appropriate reaching lenses for the job.

But at least I met the basic goal of getting a photo of Bob, even if it took a year and was from a window in my house.

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