Nature’s Christmas Gift To Me

barred owl

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So here I was, sitting on my couch under 2 blankets and 2 dogs with a bowl of chocolate covered raisins, when I look out the window and see an oval shape out of place amongst the snow covered branches.

I had heard reports of short-eared owls in a field about an hour from here, but opted not to go in search of them because I am under the weather with bronchitis and lets face it, no guarantees those birds will still be there. Instead, nature brought me a Christmas gift right out my own window.

A beautiful Barred Owl.

barred owl

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Doesn’t get much better than that for me. Maybe having an appropriate wildlife lens to photograph it with (Santa??). A few snapped frames later and it glided with ease, disappearing back into the swamp.

Now I have a goal of getting a couple owl nesting boxes up in the next couple weeks 🙂


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