Tomorrow will put me two weeks out from delivery day and our baby’s scheduled induction. Part of me hopes he comes sooner, the other part of me loves things to be organized/controlled/planned for so I prefer the induction date. Either way, as I inch closer it is neat to watch motherhood outside my backdoor take place too.

Earlier this week we had the cool weather move in and I noticed the does start to group up and hang together (as well as bucks start to show up on the trail cam- seen here: IMAG0002 ). One doe has a fawn who still has its spots. I imagine it is getting a crash course in the whitetail learning curriculum so that the little babe will be ready to take on the hazards of fall and winter.

Yesterday I was feeling really uncomfortable and decided to step outside on the deck for a couple minutes to see if I could get some relief or at least focus my mind on something else. A couple minutes later I heard a branch snap in the thick woods. Then a black ball of fur waddled cumbersomely over the stone wall and made her way through our side of the hundred acre woods.

For as good as their sense of smell is supposed to be, I don’t think she immediately knew I was there, and perhaps that has to do with me being high above her on the deck.

It wasn’t long after she crossed the wall that two more little black fur balls bounded in follow.

It is certainly neat to watch them, wild bears doing their wild, natural things. I didn’t have that luxury since I grew up in Chicago. My wildlife viewing was contained to the zoo. That’s hardly a way to watch wildlife behave in a natural way and setting, though I do appreciate what the zoo provided to me and my imagination as a young child.

As she picked her way closer, she stopped and began to smell the air for a minute or so. I think she finally determined something was amiss or that someone else was there in the woods with her. Though I wasn’t completely busted because she didn’t bolt out of the area, instead just slowly backed up, gathered her cubs and made her way back over the stone wall into the thick forest from which she came.


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