Don’t get me wrong, I so very much love portraits of my children enveloped in nature’s backdrop. 

But I also know photographing the every day mundane for their albums will be just as important for them and their children one day.

Right now she has been obsessed with Cinderella. She watches it every day. She runs to find her “slippers” as soon as we have pushed play on the movie. She twirls and says “princess” while the waltzing music fills the air. She dramatically and emphatically says “Oh no, the pumpkin!” when the carriage turns back to its original form and gets smashed into pieces. 

Amidst mundane Tuesdays, watching her dance in the light to her favorite movie at the moment is magic. She’s magic. And this moment will now find its way into her history and into her photo album from when she was three years old and in love with stories of princesses.

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