Love & Dogs

Maya and Wesson will always be my first babies and love. I wasn’t sure how they would react to my *new baby* since it would mean less snuggy time for them, and if you know them, they get super jealous about stuff like that.

So relieved and heart-warmed to see how they interact with Edyn now that she is here. They are ever so cautious around her. Anytime she cries, Maya is the first to investigate. Wes loves to give her his big sloppy kisses up the side of her face when allowed. Maya rests by my feet when I nurse.

And when Edyn rocks in her swing, and all is quiet in the house…too quiet…and I begin to worry where the dogs are, they can be found laying beside her swing in her nursery.

Love has been redefined for me over and over in many ways since Edyn has come into our world.

I don’t know that I will ever understand those that are not dog people.KEP_9190

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