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lifestyle photography upstate ny

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Showers, umbrellas, little green sprouts and pastel, delicate flowers…its a spring thing. And it’s about time. I think the plants were just as ready too, because as soon as the last of the snow melted, little shoots burst from the mud.

Crocus photo by Kelley Elizabeth Photography

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lifestyle photography by Kelley Elizabeth Photography in upstate NY

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upstate NY forest floor from Kelley Elizabeth Photography

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Kelley Elizabeth Photography Lifestyle Photo

Mourning Cloak Butterfly photo by Kelley Elizabeth Photography

Mourning Cloak Butterfly | click to enlarge


The first insects to appear are midges and flies. I haven’t noticed them in as large of numbers as I remember in years past for early spring, but I did see my first Mourning Cloak yesterday. She fluttered about the swamp, dancing through the pockets of light until she landed on this maple. This wasn’t by happenstance, there was syrup running down the bark that she fed on. Most people start to cringe thinking about the impending bug season lurking around the corner. Not me, the excitement builds.


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