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I read something last year about finding your soul destination. I could have sworn I emailed myself the article, but can’t seem to find it now. I think it originated with something Karen Hutton blogged about but I’m not 100% certain. That phrase though, soul destination, has stuck with me ever since. Not in the sense of religious viewpoints of what happens to a person after they die. I think the original article was about finding your life’s purpose, discovering the path(s) that lead you to where you were always meant to be.

But soul destination, for me, it has less to do with purpose and more to do with a sense of sacred place.

Do you have a secret place? Your sacred place, a place of quiet rest?

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A place you go to feel whole again. To be inspired. To feel peace. To feel the noise dissipate and feel all is alright.

Maybe it is not a physical location. Maybe its a familiar book, with it’s warn tattered cover you always return to. Maybe it’s a person that no matter what always provides shelter from the storms you face, a person you can always run to when you need safe harbor and to regain strength and confidence. Maybe it’s your garden, the dirt beneath your fingernails reminding you once again the organic simplicity that is life, or at least is meant to be.

For me, its a quiet little stream up north on the western fringe of the Adirondacks.

I swear the place is reserved just for me. As if I am the only one that knows she is there, if that’s possible.

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A contented mind is the greatest blessing a man can enjoy in this world.” (Joseph Addison)

I don’t think your sacred place has to be something that is a constant through out time either. It is likely redefined over and again through the years. In college, my sacred place was a restored prairie on the outskirts of town. I would go there often to escape academia,  to run my fingers through the blue stem grasses, listen to the dickcissels chatter with one another as they flitted about the prairie sky.

My inability to get back to that place when I need it creates a discord in life, a tilt, an unbalance that isn’t corrected until my little toes touch that sacred space again and realigns my world.

It is the pull back to your secret, quiet place in life. It’s the place that allows you to take that deep breath. To feel restored. To be contented once more. That place that makes you feel you again.

And I wonder, where ever life takes me, where my next sacred place will be…


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