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Despite today and tomorrow’s random 90 degree weather, autumn has begun to subtlety creep in. The ferns are beginning to turn yellow and brown. The leaves are beginning their color change and hints of those reds and oranges are starting to dabble in the tree lines.

And the salmon have begun running.

The Salmon River is practically my backyard. I love it. Love the economy it brings to the small towns, how they go from practically ghost towns to bustling villages. I love the rhythm of the wildlife and the river. The biologist in me loves to observe the wildlife associated with the river and it’s seasonal changes, but the photographer in me loves to observe the people. The people watching is just awesome. I love the enthusiasm the river evokes from anglers (the good and the ugly, haha!).

All types descend on the river and it is only the beginning.

Some set off in drift boats. Other’s show up with Walmart spinning reels, fishing from the bridges and river’s edges. Some arrive in Orvis’ best gear with elite fly rods and land those fish like an art form with the way the lines glide through the air and delicately drift down the current.



The Salmon River is about 17 miles of river that dumps into Lake Ontario. King and Coho salmon begin the process of making their way up the river to spawn at the end of August and peak towards the end of Sept./beginning of Oct. Steelhead also run up the river, beginning late Oct., and feed on those salmon eggs.






I’m looking forward to watching the river walkers for many more weeks (and maybe putting the camera down and getting in on it myself).


If you’re a local fishing guide/outfitter/lodge interested in booking a photographer to tag along on your trips to get images for your company or clients, shoot me an email so we can discuss details because I’d love to. Similarly, if your company is looking for wall art for the lodges/camps I’d love to hook you up. 

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