Landscape Photography | Earth Day

How about a little Earth Day love?



“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.” (John Muir)

crocuses in upstate NY


mini iris in CNY

Mini Iris | click to enlarge

mini iris in cny

click to enlarge

The crocuses and mini Iris’ are the first ones to pop up in my gardens…next come the daffodils and tulips and little fresh buds on the trees. I cannot wait. Hope everyone got a chance to spend some time outside today, Earth Day or not, spend time noticing the little things around you. I took the dogs out to play fetch this morning. I noticed the hawks have migrated back into my neck of the woods. In fact, there is a pair that have a nest somewhere in our swamp or on adjoining property (haven’t located it yet). But the hawks have spent the better part of the day circling the chicken coop and chickens. I’m hoping they find mice and snakes easier to move 😉

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