[Landscape Photography] A Walk In The Big Woods, Part 2

Part 1, with information on the back story of the photo safari my sister and I went on, can be viewed here.

Part 2: A Walk In The Big Woods

Adirondack Woods Photos

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On the third day of my sister’s visit, we made a day trip up to the outer fringe of the Adirondacks for a little wander-around-the-woods time. I took her to my favorite little quiet river. And just like always, not another soul was there.

DSC_5111edit fb

My beautiful sister

Then we spent several hours in the big woods, a tract of land that is a part of the Independence River Wild Forest, which is about 80,000 acres of wilderness area.

Adirondacks 2 Photo [Kelley Elizabeth Photography]

Adirondacks 3 Photo [Kelley Elizabeth Photography]

Adirondacks 4 Photo [Kelley Elizabeth Photography]

We couldn’t have picked a better day for this trip, mid-60s and sunny, it was just magnificent and a welcomed break from the rain and overcast skies that seem to be the mark of this year’s spring. No stopping and smelling the roses here, I made her stop and smell the Balsams. Adirondacks 5 Photo [Kelley Elizabeth Photography]

Adirondacks 6 Photo [Kelley Elizabeth Photography]

Adirondacks 8 Photo [Kelley Elizabeth Photography]

A raven was sure to let the whole forest know of our presence, her eerie calls echoing through the pines. Adirondacks 7 Photo [Kelley Elizabeth Photography]

I scanned the forest floor for shed antlers (and bears- shh, don’t tell mom), and my sister soaked in the wonder of it all and enjoyed the crunch of pine cones and snapping twigs beneath her feet…one of her most favorite feelings in the world, she confessed.

Adirondacks 9 Photo [Kelley Elizabeth Photography]

Adirondacks 10 Photo [Kelley Elizabeth Photography]

Walking on that bed of golden yellow-green moss was like walking on fluffy pillows. If you’ve never experienced that, you are simply missing out.

My sister doesn’t like her photo being taken, but had no problem snapping mine 😉

DSC_5218edit fb

DSC_5220edit fbI love this little tract of wilderness area because unlike the other tourist destinations of the Adirondack park, you rarely see another soul. The forest is not littered with the same amount of trash and human foot prints as the other more popular spots. You can actually hear the wind swirl through the pines, and not the voices of other hikers in the forest. You can feel like an explorer in an untamed land, for just a couple of hours, and forget the bustling-busy life happening just a couple miles away.

The clearest way into the universe is through the forest wilderness.” John Muir

(Mostly) Gone are the days where people depended on the wilderness, lived off the land and had no choice but to try and understand her rhythms and language. In today’s day and age, it has to be a conscious, deliberate effort to immerse yourself in the big woods.  Get out and explore, friends.




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