Cape Cod [Kelley Elizabeth Photography]-KEP_8169-Edit

Komorebi | (n) sunlight filtering through trees (Japanese)

I had been trying to time the perfect dramatically lit coastline image the last couple weeks…to no avail. The light was always in the wrong place, or I couldn’t chase the light for whatever myriad of excuses. Or the December grey had set in. Or I was just too tired.

Myriad of excuses. 

Sometimes though, I am reminded to just take things as they come, where they are, and not force something. Yeah, I have an idea of the image I would like to shoot with the beach landscape, but in the meantime, I may have been so stubbornly trying to force something that I was missing what was right in front of me.

For instance, the sun rises beautifully from this one angle on my parents’ property, filtering through the trees and illuminating the New England fauna with golden rays that can’t be faked. I photographed several images in the series, in my pajamas, while letting the dogs out one morning this past week.

Not a bad way to produce some December work, if you ask me.

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