Probably the prettiest little box I have sent out yet.

Kelley Elizabeth Photography

I think it is so important to have actual-able-to-touch-and-hold photos and print products. I love my phone (ok that’s a lie, I hate the phone)…but I do love the ease of the digital world as much as the next person, however¬†I believe strongly in having something tangible to pass down to my children and through the generations. Maybe that is because my mom was adopted and doesn’t have too much from her childhood pre-adoption. Maybe it is because I really enjoy looking through my grandparents’ and great-grandparents’ life, as told by the photos and keepsakes in their boxes.¬†Their stories have become my stories. Those things in the boxes help me to remember & tell the stories.

I already had a box made for Edyn that contains her birth photos and first month of life, her hospital hat and onesie, the documentation, and other keepsakes. I will have to share a photo of it sometime.

Anyway, print your photos.

Not for you, for those that come after you.

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