Katydids of Summer

I am in the mood for a little color right now. In the height of summer, the katydids would frequent the succulents I had on the deck. One morning I caught one in a most glorious light, gingerly picking its way across the dew drops.

Kelley Elizabeth Photography-DSC_0827

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I can’t help but also be drawn to seeing things in black and white.

Kelley Elizabeth Photography-DSC_0811

Kelley Elizabeth Photography-DSC_0801

Confession, I have actually been going mad the last several days, ok weeks, because I purposely saved this series of images for winter because I knew I’d be craving colors and summer reminisces. The problem is I feel like there is a whole chunk of photos I took that are missing from this series. I searched high and low, over and over. I did not lose them. I don’t lose photographs, you should see how many external hard drives and back up systems I have because of that kind of paranoia. Now I have myself convinced that I never actually took the photos in the first place (because it was during the height of my wedding season) and that I had instead took mental snap shots of the images I wanted to make but never got a chance to actually do it. How’s that for a glimpse into my crazy.

Visualizing the photograph before actually turning on the camera is something I do often and is an important part of photography, if you ask me. Gotta have purpose.

And hallelujah to it being the last week of January.

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