Karen & Colvin | A Long Time Love

September 28, 2019

The autumn wind rushed through the trees, wrestling the leaves down from their summer’s keep. It was the kind of late September day you dream of, where that warm sun illuminates the yellowing canopies in what can only be described as crowns of gold and glory. And that wind, oh that wind, carrying with it hints of earthy spice and all the memories held dear stirred up with the swirling leaves.

As with fall ushering in a new season, so was true of two long-time lovers beginning a new season in their life, bestowing to each other the title of husband and wife.

Husband and wife.

When I first met Karen and Colvin, those were the words she spoke,

“I want to call him my husband.”

And with that, the wedding plans began take form the way the leaves gently dance through the air until they have each delicately fallen into their place.

Karen and Colvin’s love story has been writing itself for twenty years.

Twenty years.

These longtime lovers were first introduced to one another while working at the same company by Karen’s brother in-law. The four of them, Karen and Colvin, and Jason, married to Karen’s sister Ellen, would then spend time hanging out together.

Karen and Colvin got to know each other as friends do, and found all that they had in common. In their words,

“We both appreciate nature and spending time outdoors. Whether hiking, biking, kayaking, or going for walks, we always take nature shots along the way. Spending time with family and friends is important to us and music plays an integral part of our lives together. All of these things led us to the love we share and the lives we lead. Twenty years together and we are now tying the knot. It was meant to be.”

They gathered with their dear friends and family at La Cupola in Bantam, Connecticut to exchange their vows and celebrate the culmination of many years of devoted love to one another.

Colvin packed Karen a peanut butter and jelly sandwich the morning of their wedding day so that she would have something to eat while preparing the reception setting and getting ready for their ceremony. I think that is the sweetest testament to a long time friendship and display of how much authentic care there is for one another.

“No sooner met but they looked, no sooner looked but they loved, no sooner loved but they sighed, no sooner sighed but they asked one another the reason, no sooner knew the reason but they sought the remedy; and in these degrees have they made a pair of stairs to marriage.”


Karen and Colvin, what an honor it was to preserve this wedding day that was in the making for so many years, a culmination of an enormous love sweeping decades and a celebration of a life already built to weather the seasons. Forever husband and wife.



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